About Us

We are a close knit team of Asheville native nerds who love web design, development, and helping businesses grow. We also love cats.

Our Asheville Web Design and Development Team

Photo of Walton, head of Asheville Web Development

Walton Jones

Technical Lead

Walton is a full stack developer with years of experience building beautiful websites, helping small businesses, and teaching coding. As the technical lead, Walton makes sure that websites turn out beautiful and function exactly as intended. 

Photo of Alyssa, the Asheville web development project manager

Alyssa Prendergast

Project Manager

Alyssa is a multi-talented woman who wears many hats at Dundee Design and Development. As project manager, Alyssa makes sure that communication channels between our agency and clients stay wide open and that project deadlines are met.

About Our "Why"

 We believe that our “why” sets us apart and makes us the best web design and development agency in Asheville, NC, so why do we design and develop the best websites? We do it because we are Asheville natives who care deeply about the success of local small businesses and we know that our sites help them succeed. We do it because we love hearing from a client 3 months after completing their site that business is booming thanks to their improved web presence. We do it because we are good at it and we love feeling like something we did helped our community grow a little bit stronger. We do it because we love it, plain and simple.


Walton was extremely professional and timely on our project. They were attentive and offered regular updates throughout the status of the project. ”

Alex Morris


“Walton easily understood the scope of the project, agreed to the objectives and timeline, and delivered exactly what he promised at the agreed upon time. They are incredibly clear communicators and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them with enthusiasm. ”

Michael T. Noonan