Signs That You Should Change Your Web Design

Here’s an interesting statistic: a staggering 81% of internet users will think less of a brand or business if their website is obsolete. Another 39% will also think twice about using your product or service if your website is outdated, slow, and not user-friendly.  Your website needs to be well-designed, engaging, and easy to navigate … Continued

The Importance of Color in Brand Recognition

Did you know that color alone can increase brand recognition by 80%! To fully unpack this fact, it is first necessary to know what brand recognition is. According to Investopedia, “Brand recognition is a concept used in advertising and marketing. It is considered successful when people can recognize a brand through visual or auditory cues … Continued

21 Plugins We Love in 2021

As a special recurring series for this year of 2021, we will be highlighting 21 plugins we love. Follow along to learn more about these helpful WordPress plugins and discover how to make your site easier to manage, more user-friendly,  more accessible, and more secure, all within the click of a button. Sound good? Well, … Continued

The Benefits of Personal over Generic Online Content

Did you know that the majority of web users prefer personal over generic online experiences? To us, it makes sense that site visitors prefer a personal experience. It’s hard to come by yet feels so good. In the digital world of the internet, interacting with businesses can feel so cold and impersonal. Because of this, … Continued

Does Site Speed Matter? The Importance of Fast Page Load Times.

Does Page Load Time Really Matter? Yes, page load time and site speed matter a lot. We believe that of all the things that are important to consider when building a website, having fast- loading pages should be one of the highest priorities. Having fast-loading pages is just as important as having attractive, well-designed pages.  … Continued

Six Things You Can Do To Reduce The Carbon Footprint of Your Internet Usage

Did you know that global internet usage is responsible for the same amount of carbon emissions as the airline industry? As people who understand the way the internet works, this fact should have always been something we were conscious of, but the truth is that learning this was somewhat of a rude awakening. Sure, if … Continued

Why You Should Use The New WordPress Twenty Twenty-One Theme

This week is a very exciting one in the world of WordPress because just released WordPress 5.6 ‘Simone,’ the final major update of the year. Every year, when WordPress releases its final update, they also release their official theme for the following year. For us, this is a much-anticipated event, and we were overjoyed … Continued

How Important is a Small Local Business’s Web Presence?

As a small brick and mortar business owner, you may ask yourself, how important is my small local business’s website? The answer is, very. According to a study from the GE Capital Retail bank, 81% of consumers search online before making a purchase. That study was conducted pre-pandemic and undoubtedly, that number has likely gone … Continued

Starting a Web Design and Development Business During a Global Pandemic

At the start of 2020, our hearts and minds were full of big plans for our new web design and development business, Dundee Design & Development. Now that it is August 2020, we have seen a lot of those plans come to fruition, but there have been some unexpected challenges along the way. We probably … Continued

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