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Your Website Might Need Improvements

Much like people, even the best websites have room to grow and improve. The problem is because WordPress websites involve so many moving parts, it is hard to know which areas could use the most improvement. This is where our WordPress site audits come in to lend you a helping hand.

Our WordPress Site Audits Can Help

During a WordPress site audit from our web design and development experts, we will review your site in the following areas:

  • Backend/Hosting setup
  • Content
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Legal
  • WordPress Settings
  • Security
  • SEO

During the review, we assess how well the goals of your website are being supported by these eight areas.

What You Get With a WordPress Site Audit

After a thorough review of each area, we will compile a document that outlines our findings. This document will contain a section for each of these eight areas. Each section contains:

  • A letter grade representing how well the goals of the website are being supported by the audit area.
  • A write up on why the section received the grade it did. If the grade is lower than an A, this section will explain why points were lost.
  • A recommended improvements section that outlines what can be done to bring the letter grade up to an A.

Once you receive the audit, you can then take our recommendations and action them yourself with the help of our free WordPress resources.

If taking action on our recommendations feels out of your comfort zone, we would also be happy to action those recommendations for you. Typically, most recommendations can be handled within the hours provided by a few months of either our Premium or Deluxe support and care package. With the purchase of a site audit, you will receive a 25% discount on the first three months of support.

Alternatively, you could take the recommendations to another qualified local web development agency or freelancer.

Most importantly, no matter what you choose to do with the recommendations turned up during the site audit, you will know what to do.

How To Get Started

To get going with a site audit, we will need the following from you:

  1. The login information you use to get into your WordPress admin dashboard. If you would prefer to not share your login credentials, you can also make us an administrator account by following the “Self Hosted WordPress” steps listed here (but instead of setting the account up for, use
  2. 1-2 sentences describing the goals of your website (Why do you have it? What purpose would you like it to serve?). 
  3. Any other information about the site you feel like you might want us to have, such as issues you have with it or hopes/dreams you have for it.
  4. A one-time payment of $229.

You can provide that information using the form below. The form will be officially submitted when you pay the $229 via PayPal.

Upon providing us with this information, we will have the audit returned to you in the form of a PDF within 5-7 business days.

Are You Ready to Uplevel Your Web Presence?

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