The Classic Editor Block

Learn The Classic Editor Block

The classic editor block is a block containing the Classic WordPress WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This editor was the way to edit posts and pages in WordPress before the block editor was released. Many functions of this editor are now separated into individual blocks such as lists, quotes, and various media types, but if you prefer, you can add these types of content within the classic editor block. To get started with the Classic editor block, click the + sign and search for “Classic” or you can select it under “Formatting.” Doing so will add a classic editor to your page, and it will look something like the screenshot below.

This image shows how the classic editor block appears when you add it to a page or post. The block contains a toolbar at the top with text formatting options and a text box for adding words and images.

As far as options and settings go for this block, there isn’t too much to say. The classic editor gives you all of the standard word processing options in the toolbar at the top of the block, which you can use to format the content within it. Beyond that, there isn’t anything fancy going on.

That’s all for the classic editor block. For help with other blocks, check out the full list of blocks we have guides on here.

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