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Learn The Gallery Block

The gallery block is a block for when you want to display a collection of images together within a post or page. To get started with the gallery block use the + button to add a new block and select the gallery block. This will add the gallery block to your page and should then look like the screenshot below.

Once the gallery block is inserted into your page you can either upload new images for your gallery by clicking “upload,” or you can select existing images from your media library by clicking “media library.”  After you’ve added all of the images you want to your gallery, you can carry on to the next step.

This image shows where to begin uploading images to your gallery and is in the middle of the screen below the title.

Once your images have been added you will be able to add captions to both the individual images in your gallery and the gallery itself. You will also be able to rearrange the order of the images in the gallery. To rearrange the images click on one of the images and some arrows will appear in the upper lefthand corner (these are circled in the screenshot below). You can then click the left or right arrow to move the image to the left or right.

To add a caption to an image within your gallery click on the image and a text box will appear across the bottom of the image labeled “Write caption…”. Click on those words and type in your image specific caption. To add a more general gallery caption look for the same phrase “Write caption…” at the bottom of your gallery block, click in it, and write your caption. We have drawn arrows to these two caption boxes in the screenshot below and labeled them accordingly.

This image shows an example of a gallery. The example images are of a tiger taking a nap next to an image of three cats napping in front of a window. This image also highlights how to switch the image placements and where to add gallery and individual image captions.

Finally, once your images are arranged and labeled the way you want, there are a few other block settings you can tweak to further customize the look and feel of your gallery. The first of these settings allows you to choose how many columns you would like to have in your gallery. This setting defaults to having one column for each image so that they will all appear in one horizontal row. If you have a gallery with lots of images you may want to create fewer columns, breaking the gallery into multiple rows.

The next setting is a toggle switch giving you the option to crop the images within your gallery to keep them all aligned. You can turn this off and images will display un-cropped, this will, however, throw off the alignment of those images.

Next, there are two dropdowns, one labeled “Link to” and another labeled “Images Size”. The “Link to” drop-down allows you to specify if you want to attach a link to the images within your gallery, as well as where you want that link to go. By default, images don’t have links, but you can choose the option to link to the attachment which will open a page with the full-sized image (not recommended). You can also choose to link to the attachment page if supported by your theme. Finally, under “Images size,” you can choose how large the images in your gallery will display.

This image highlights where to change the gallery settings, in the center right-hand side of the screen

That’s all for the gallery block. For help with other blocks, check out the full list of blocks we have guides on here.

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