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Surprisingly enough the list block is for making lists! There are two types of lists available to you, ordered and unordered lists. Unordered lists have bullet points next to the list items like the list depicted below, and are for listing items where the order is not important. Ordered lists have numbers instead of bullets and are to be used to list things numerically.

To add the list block use the + sign to pull up the list of available blocks and the list option should be one of the first  listed (no pun intended). Click the list to add the list block and WordPress will give you an unordered list by default. You can start by typing your first item and press return to add another item to the list.

If you want to switch your list from unordered to ordered, simply click the third item from the left in the toolbar that sits at the top of the block. You can find other formatting options up there too, pertaining to font boldness, italicization, text alignment, etc…

Other than the standard text-formatting options offered in the toolbar this block has no additional options or settings.

This image shows the example of the list block. The example is a bulleted list of animals, Dogs, Cats, Rats, Birds, Bees...and is in the center of the screen underneath the title and list toolbar.

That’s all for the list block. For help with other blocks, check out the full list of blocks we have guides on here.

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