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Learn The Paragraph Block

The paragraph block is the default block and the most common block. To add a paragraph block all you have to do is start typing. Because the paragraph block is designed to add written content to your page it comes with some expected text formatting options. These options include the ability to add links, bold, italicize, and left, right, or center align your text. If you click on the content of a paragraph block these formatting options will appear in a rectangle at the top of that block. This rectangle is outlined in red in the screenshot below. To apply formatting to text within the block, highlight the text that you want to format, and then select the formatting option that you want to apply to that text.

This image shows an example of the paragraph block, with an emphasis on the toolbar which sits directly above the paragraph example and below the title.

Clicking on the content of your paragraph block will also pull up the paragraph block settings in the right-hand sidebar. Outlined in the screenshot below is the Typography settings. These settings allow you to change the font size of the text in your block, although it is usually best to stick with the default font size. If you want to add larger font text you are probably looking for the Heading Block. There are of course exceptions to this rule. 

This image highlights the typography settings within the right-hand toolbar.

The other option offered by the paragraph block is color settings. Color settings allow you to change the color of your text and the color that makes the background of your paragraph. Like a lot of optional settings, it’s probably best to stick with the default. If you do decide to change these colors, just make sure that there is a large contrast between the text color and the background color. For example, the white text would look good on a black background but would be very hard to read on a bright yellow background.

This image highlights the color settings within the right-hand toolbar, directly below the typography settings.

The last option within the paragraph block is text settings, where you can give your paragraph a Drop Cap. By default, Drop caps are turned off. If you switch the Drop cap on it will make the first letter of your paragraph large. You can toggle it on to see how this looks.

This image highlights the text settings within the right-hand toolbar, beneath the color settings section. The image also displays an example of a drop cap.

That’s all for the paragraph block. For help with other blocks, check out the full list of blocks we have guides on here.

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