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Learn The Shortcode Block

The shortcode block is a block for displaying shortcodes on your pages. Shortcode is code generated by plugins that will add functionality from that plugin to your page. Many plugins will give you a piece of shortcode and instruct you to add it to your page. The shortcode block is how you do that. To get started with the shortcode block, click the + sign and search for shortcode, or you can find it under “Widgets.”

Once you have added the shortcode block, you will have a block with one text field where you can paste or write your shortcode. We have indicated the location of that text block with a red arrow in the screenshot below.

This image displays where to type in your shortcode. It is in the center of the screen below the title of the page or post.

Upon pasting in your shortcode not much will change in the editor view. For our example, we have pasted in some shortcode from Contact Form 7, our favorite free form plugin.

This image displays an example of shortcode entered into the shortcode block. This example used here shortcode for a contact form page.

To see the output of your shortcode, click either “Preview” or “edit” in the upper right-hand corner to see how the shortcode will appear on your page. The above screenshot contains the editor’s view, and the below screenshot depicts how this shortcode will show up on the page. If you are using a different plugin and different shortcode, the before and after will look different for you, but we just wanted to show how different these views can look.

This image shows an example of the contact form page once it has been entered in as shortcode.

That’s all for the shortcode block. For help with other blocks, check out the full list of blocks we have guides on here.

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