The Video Block

Learn The Video Block

The video block is the block for inserting videos onto your pages. To get started with the video block, click the + button and search for “video block”, or you can select it under “common blocks.” Doing so will add the video block to your page and present you with three options, the option to upload a new video, to select one that is already in your media library, or to insert a video from a URL. All of these are good options, but if you are interested in conserving storage, it can be a good idea to insert a video from Youtube, Vimeo, or another free video hosting platform of your choice. We will be inserting a Youtube video for this demonstration.

Once you’ve added a video, your page should look something like the screenshot below, and you can add a caption to your video. We have indicated where the caption field is with an arrow on the screenshot below. As far as block settings go for the video block, the only option you are presented with is whether or not you want the embedded video to resize on smaller screens. The default is for the video to resize, and we recommend that you leave it that way.

That’s all for the video block. For help with other blocks, check out the full list of blocks we have guides on here.

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