How Important is a Small Local Business’s Web Presence?

How Important is a Small Local Business’s Web Presence?

As a small brick and mortar business owner, you may ask yourself, how important is my small local business’s website? The answer is, very. According to a study from the GE Capital Retail bank, 81% of consumers search online before making a purchase. That study was conducted pre-pandemic and undoubtedly, that number has likely gone up in the era of social distancing. This means that having a good website for your small business, along with a strong social media presence, and a Google My Business listing is essential to 81% of your potential customers.

The fact that such a large percentage of customers search online before making a purchase will likely not be surprising to most of you. To 19% of you, however, this news may be shocking. Regardless of how this news hits, these are the facts at hand. A large majority of consumers search online before ever setting foot into a brick and mortar store.

As a business owner, whether you have an online store, a brick and mortar store, or both, this is an important fact. Why? Because it says that your online presence is arguably more important than your brick and mortar presence, if not equally so.

A sign reading "Come in we're open" hanging from the door of a small local business to visually represent the importance of the business's web presence.
For many brick and mortar businesses in 2020, being open in person just isn’t enough. Being open online has become essential in the small business space.

Maybe you already understand this but are wondering what you should do? As a small business owner, it can feel hard to compete against giants online. The good news is, the competition is not as direct as you may think. Sure, Amazon may have your prices undercut slightly, but many consumers are still dedicated to local shopping. As a matter of fact, according to a recent next door survey, 72% of consumers believe they will frequent local businesses more since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

So, as a small business owner, what does this mean for you? It means that it is an opportune moment to make your business more accessible online. Many small businesses who have done so have seen a business increase during a time when 80% of small businesses are reporting a loss in revenue.

How can you make your business more accessible to the local online economy? Most importantly is having a good website. A good website is closely followed by having an accurate and up to date Google My Business page. Next up is a well thought out social media presence. Beyond that, you can do “Local SEO,” which involves optimizing your web presence when people search for a service in your area. For example, as a small record store, you probably won’t rank on Google nationally for the search “record stores,” but if you optimize correctly, you will show up for local customers who make the same search.

So, now that you know not only the importance of having a strong web presence as a brick and mortar business but also how. What are you waiting for? Send us a message and set up a free 30-minute consultation. In that time, we will assess where you’re at and help you come up with a strategy (that you can implement yourself if you want) that will you reach 81% who are wanting to find you online!

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