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The Client and The Problem

Asrael is an ayurvedic practitioner, Jyotish astrologer, yoga/chi-gong instructor, spiritual counselor, and spiritual teacher. She offers a number of services, but at the root of them all, she strives to help her clients live in alignment with their highest potential. With a noble cause, but so many offerings, Asrael needed some help structuring herself digitally so that she could best serve her clients.

Asrael’s original website was built on WordPress with a page builder. It served her just fine during her days as the only ayurvedic practitioner in her local area, where she served clients in person. Clients could easily find her website on Google, call or email her, and schedule an appointment. 

In a pandemic era in which serving clients in person has become harder and harder to do, Asrael has adapted her business. She still offers all of the services that she used to (although primarily over zoom now), and she has also started offering a wide range of online courses and other educational content. 

For her courses and other educational content, Asrael was using a learning management system called Dream See Do. Dream See Do was…ok. It allowed Asrael to sell online courses and provided a social networking feature where her clients could discuss course content. That said, there were two problems that Asrael had with Dream See Do. One was that it was expensive, taking close to 20% of all the money she made selling courses. The other was that it did not always work well. So, especially for that price, Asrael was ready for a change. 

Dundee Design & Development Had a Solution

After listening to Asrael’s needs, we decided that a full overhaul of her brand, website, and the system she sold her courses through needed an overhaul. Asrael wanted a newly designed and developed website where she could host all aspects of her business, including her learning management system. Knowing this, we got to work. 

First up, we partnered with a stellar Asheville, NC based graphic design agency, Sund Studio, to help with the brand overhaul. In tandem with Kristen from Sund Studio, we provided a new logo, font palette, and color palette for Asrael’s new personal brand. 

Once we had the new brand assets, our in-house design team went straight to work mocking up a brand new website for Asrael. This new site is built around her personal brand (Asrael not Ananda Ayurveda), and is designed to uplift both her more traditional one-on-one client offerings, and also promote a new subscription-based community that is built into the website.

Here it is worth noting that while the main goal of this project was to expand the functionality of the website, revamping the design was a noteworthy secondary goal. To show how transformative the redesign portion of the project was, here are before and after pictures of Asrael’s site:


Once the designs were perfect, we went to work building out the site. The site took a lot of custom development work to accommodate the new subscription-based community and the five tiers of packages that people can subscribe to, but we were up for the challenge!

Upon completion of the site, it has been set up to do all that her old site did, but also so much more! The site now includes a fully branded Learndash LMS integration (to sell the courses that she once sold on Dream See Do), along with a fully branded BuddyBoss integration (to handle the social networking component). The site also features a dashboard for subscribers where community members access all features, courses, and content that their subscriptions afford them. 

Now Asrael’s website does all that it used to do (but better), along with a large variety of things it never did before, and she isn’t being robbed by Dream See Do’s large fees. We could not be more proud of this fact, and we are excited to see how this new site and platform serves Asrael and her business for years to come!

The Results

As of today, Asrael’s new site has only been live for ~4 weeks, so we are yet to receive conclusive, quantitative information about the results of the redesign. Subjectively, however, the results have been nothing short of great. Asrael, her clients, and her friends have had nothing but glowing reviews of the site.

In regards to quantitative data, if the first 28 days are any indication of how this site compares to her old one, the results have been outstanding! The Users, Sessions, and Session Duration statistics are all up over 150% compared to the previous 28 day period, and her bounce rate is down 20%. The data is likely skewed as a result of excited new site sharing, but the long-term results prove to be even half as good as the initial ones, this project will be a massive success!

A screenshot of Google Analytics that compares the first 28 days of the new site to the last 28 days of the old site.

All in all, we could not be happier with the way this project went, and we look forward to watching Asrael’s community and business continue to grow over time. 

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