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The Client & The Problem

Dyed in the Wood is a female-owned, eco-friendly home furnishing and fashion company based in Western North Carolina. They sell a variety of items ranging from botanically dyed pillows to scarves, and of course, the COVID essential, fashionable face-masks made from recycled materials.

When Dyed in the Wood first started, they built a nice looking site with Wix. All of their sales were happening in person at craft shows, so the website wasn’t made for e-commerce sales. The site did a great job showcasing their work and was generating a lot of interest. The only problem was, even though it appeared to be an e-commerce site, people couldn’t buy anything!

You see, Wix had hit Dyed in the Wood with the good old’ bait and switch. Not cool Wix! To upgrade to E-commerce functionality, they were going to have to pay a significantly larger monthly fee for a Wix site that they were already outgrowing and were not fully satisfied with.

Dyed in the Wood needed an E-Commerce site with fast loading pages, an easy checkout flow, the ability to sell variable products, and ideally, one that they owned rather than paying month to month for. This is where they sought the help of Dundee Design & Development.

Dundee Design & Development Had A Solution

So, how did we help solve Dyed in the Wood’s problems? We started with an introductory call in which we learned what they liked about their current design and what they wished could be different. We then learned about their larger business goals and the type of experience they want to create for their customers.

With that information in hand, we were able to offer ideas on how their current design could be modified to best meet their business goals as well as their goals for the customer experience. After all this informative dialogue, we were ready to go to work crafting a custom-built WordPress theme that would be fast, easy to use, and of course, fully owned by Dyed in the Wood.

The Results

In a short amount of time, Dundee Design & Development completed a full overhaul of Dyed in the Wood’s website and turned over a lightning-fast custom-built WordPress theme running WooCommerce.

With their new theme and E-Commerce store ready to go, Michelle and Casey, the two owners and operators of Dyed in the Wood, started adding new products to their store, updating content on the site, and most importantly, selling more of their product than they ever had before!

Before we go into the specifics of how their new site has been working for them, here’s a peek at the homepage and the shop page.

The Dyed in the Wood Homepage
The Dyed in the Wood Shop Page

As you can see, this site was designed to sell, and it functions as designed. Because this was Dyed in the Wood’s first E-Commerce store, there isn’t a basis for comparison as far as an increase in sales goes, so rather, we will think in terms of return on investment.

When it comes to the return on investment, Dyed in the Wood covered the cost of their new website with the first two months of sales. With the site fully paid for, the overhead for Dyed in the Wood’s website is the small price they pay to host it. This site turned them from a business with an uncertain outlook to one that is ready to grow, which they have continued to do.

Beyond the fact that they are doing well in terms of sales, they are gaining new Instagram followers thanks to the placement of their IG feed on the homepage of the site. They are also gaining newsletter subscriptions thanks to the signup form placed in the footer of the site. These two marketing venues paired with their fast site has lead to strong conversion rates of interested site visitors to paying customers.

Also contributing to the site’s success is its speed. Many pages on their old site were taking more than 20 seconds to load on desktop computers. Now, all of their pages take less than two seconds to load. This difference in load time has been proven to more than quadruple conversion rates due to the significant impact that page load has on these rates.

All and all, we are thrilled by the results that Dyed in the Wood has seen, and are happy to have been able to support them in growing a sustainable business.

The Feedback

“Dundee Design & Development built my e-commerce website and my online sales increased immediately.  When I opened my business I used a build-your-own website service.  I spent a lot of time and money trying to build something that was advertised as quick and easy.  After a year of the website being live I was losing sales because of the speed of the site and not able to customize pages to the extent that I wanted too.  I worked with Dundee Design & Development to rebuild and overhaul the site. It took a few weeks and throughout that time they listened to my needs and made additional suggestions to improve my sight. They not only provided a beautiful functional site but helped me understand the importance of certain design aspects and SEO. I felt like they really understood what was important to my business. The investment in this new site was 100% worth it and the increase in sales that I have seen has already paid for most of that investment.”

— Michelle Witzenkorn, Co-Founder of Dyed in The Wood
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