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The Client & The Problem

Diane English’s motto is, “In Service to the Human Spirit.” She creates inspirational and hilarious greeting cards, magnets, fine art, storyboard totems, and more! She sells her product under as The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co. and Gallery. Her product is impeccable, but her website was slow, visually chaotic, prone to errors, and quite frankly didn’t lead to many sales.

Take a look at the before and after pictures below, and you’ll start to see what we mean.

Diane's old homepage.
The Old Great Cosmic Happy Ass Homepage
The newly redesigned homepage of The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co. and Gallery.
The New Great Cosmic Happy Ass Homepage

Dundee Design & Development had a solution

So, how did we help solve Diane’s problems? Well first, we asked a lot of questions and did a lot of listening. In the discovery phase of this project, we learned several things about what Diane wanted the users of her site to experience. Upon learning this, we were confident that if we could create that user experience, the “low sales” problem would solve itself.

Spoiler alert: it did.

More on sales later, for now, what was it that we learned that helped craft a user experience that drives sales?

We learned that Diane wants users to feel as if they are in a different, more peaceful world when on her site. We also learned that she wants site visitors to laugh. Finally, we learned that Diane wanted two branches of her website to represent the two sides of her business, one for her fine art and another for selling her cards, magnets, and more. The hope was that the separation of the two sides of her business would allow them both to shine a bit more.

Her new site presents visitors with a choice on the homepage. One option will take them to a landing page made to showcase Diane’s fine art where they can experience beauty, peace, tranquility, and of course, purchase the art that inspires those feelings. The other option takes them to a landing page for her cards, magnets, and more where visitors are almost guaranteed to laugh. Both branches offer a lot to look at and plenty of options to buy.

The landing page for the Great Cosmic Happy Ass Gallery where Diane sells her fine art.
The Gallery Page, making up the inspiring and beautiful fine art branch of the site
The landing page for the Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co. where Diane sells her cards, magnets, and more!
The Card Co. Page, making up the lighthearted cards and magnets branch of the site

The clear separation of these two halves to her business helped create a user experience that flows, uplifts site visitors, and calls them to purchase her art.

Beyond improvements to the design, the entire codebase of the site needed to be re-built from scratch. Diane’s old website had been operating for a long time, and a lot of digital clutter had accumulated over the years. This clutter was dramatically decreasing the speed of the website and the page load times. The slowness of the site was causing people who wanted to purchase her art to become impatient and abandon their carts.

Her new site loads 5x faster, and the load times have undoubtedly contributed to her increase in sales. The faster load times have also helped increase her organic search traffic (aka, helped her rank higher on Google).

The Results

So, we claim to have solved Diane’s problems, but the data speaks for itself. Since launching the new site, visitors are spending roughly 30% more time on the site (this means they are enjoying themselves).

The amount of traffic she is receiving is 1.5x-4x more when compared to the same months the year before the new site went live.

Most importantly, her E-Commerce sales have gone up by…..1176.4 percent!!! Yep. That is a one thousand one hundred and seventy-six point four increase in e-commerce sales in 2020 when compared to 2019. Hard to believe, right? Well, here is a screengrab from the square dashboard where we got that information.

The results of our overhaul of Diane's e-commerce site pulled directly form the square dashboard.
2020 Gross Sales Compared to 2019. The new site went live on April 1st 2020.

That chart proves something, and it is that all the attention to detail is worth it.

Switching from an old, rundown site built with the WooCommerce storefront theme to a new, revamped site with a custom-designed, custom-coded theme by Dundee Design & Development increased Diane’s E-commerce sales by 1176.4%. The new website paid for itself in less than three months due to increased sales.

Want a custom-designed, custom-coded Dundee Design & Development theme for yourself? Check out our packages here.

The Client Feedback

An image of Diane English, the Great Cosmic Happy Ass herself with one of her paintings.

“Working with Dundee Design & Development was a joy. Building a new website was intimidating to me but their skills at coding and suggestions about designing and optimizing my new site were right on target. They explained what they were doing, why they were doing it, and how the new site would impact the customer experience. Brilliant! Hire Dundee Design & Development. You won’t regret it.”

— Diane English, Fine Artist and Creator of The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Company

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