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The Client

Russell is an author, a teacher, a speaker, and a psychotherapist, and he needed a personal website to share all the different aspects of his work with the world.  

While we typically do sites for small businesses, we think of Russell as a small business within a person. With the fact that he has a personal blog, a blog on Psychology Today, a recently published book, is a frequent guest on podcasts, and speaks at events nationwide (pre-COVID), he needed a place where all of his followers could keep up with everything he has going on. With this, he reached out to us for a website to meet that need.

The Product & The Results

Being a humble person, Russell was hesitant to be excessively self-promotional and wanted a modest, toned down design that was simple and straight to the point. With that in mind, we went to work crafting a presence that would showcase all that Russell does in as simple of a manner possible. We also used soft color schemes across the website to convey the peaceful, modest mood that Russell carries.

Overall, the site has been doing what it should. People have been using it to keep up with all that Russell has going on. With this, both Russell and site visitors have been satisfied with the simple and straightforward approach that allows them to follow what is going on in the world of Russell with ease.

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