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The Client & The Problem

TA Staffing is a Nashville based staffing agency with seven locations across the Southeast. TA Staffing had a website that was working for them well enough, but they had a problem.

TA Staffing’s problem had little to do with the design of the website and everything to do with how the website was built. The site was well designed and worked well, but they used an expensive, albeit popular, service to build their site. This service left them paying hundreds of dollars a month for a website that offered them no freedom or flexibility. This equated to TA Staffing spending almost $3000 a year just to keep a site online that they had very little agency over.

To solve this problem, TA Staffing needed their site to be converted into a WordPress site, which they could then own outright. They also needed to be able to easily edit all of the content on the site. Finally, they didn’t want the look or feel of the site to change at all.

Here is how the site looked before we rebuilt it:

The old TA Staffing Homepage
The TA Staffing Site Before Dundee Design & Development Moved It To WordPress

Dundee Design & Development Had A Solution

So, how did we help solve TA Staffing’s problems? Well, seeing as they knew what they wanted, we listened carefully and delivered accordingly.

Working off of designs is something we are accustomed to, so this project was not too different. The main difference was that the design was in the form of an existing website rather than an Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or XD file. That said, this difference didn’t shake us!

The Results

Within only a few weeks, we had rebuilt the site’s codebase on WordPress so that TA Staffing could take ownership of it. Beyond that, the look and feel of the two sites were indistinguishable (save a couple of features that were not possible on the old platform they were using).

Here is a screenshot of the site after we re-launched it on WordPress, you will notice that the only distinguishable change is the chatbot in the bottom righthand corner, something TA Staffing wanted but could not have on their old site.

The new site homepage once we build a custom WordPress theme for it.
TA Staffing’s website after we rebuilt it on WordPress

TA Staffing’s new WordPress site allowed the marketing director to take full control of managing their web presence and do things like modifying the web copy, add a chatbot, and easily add a COVID-19 alert via a plugin when that need arose.

While we love offering support and care to sites we have built, we also love to see our clients empowered and taking full agency over their websites. In this instance, TA Staffing wanted the freedom and flexibility offered by one of our custom WordPress themes, and we have been overjoyed to watch this site launch and require very little support after the fact.

Beyond the freedom and flexibility offered by their new site, one of the other goals was saving money. That goal has already been met too! TA Staffing’s new site hasn’t even been online for a full year, but they now own their website outright for the same amount of money that they would have spent merely keeping it online since it was re-built.

Ka-ching! Mission accomplished.

The Feedback

The TA Staffing Logo

“Walton was extremely professional and timely on our project. He was attentive and offered regular updates throughout the status of the project.”

— Alex Morris, Marketing Director at TA Staffing
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