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This portfolio piece is the re-theming of that we originally designed in spring of 2020 and is the official website of the Asheville Watchdog.

The Asheville Watchdog is a local non-profit news organization run by a staff of retired news executives and Pulitzer prize-winning journalists. We built the Watchdog’s first website about a year ago, helped them give it a small facelift to close out 2020, and now, we just launched a new, fast, and beautiful re-theme of their current website. The re-theme launched on the one-year anniversary of the Watchdog’s first story.

With the re-theme, the site is better looking, more accessible to the visually impaired, and includes space for a new type of news segment called “Barks”. Barks are meant to be short, digestible bits of local news and were a big motivation behind the re-theme. Because the Watchdog is volunteer-run, they can’t publish full-length stories every day. The idea behind Barks is that they can be published regularly and will keep visitors returning more regularly too. The theme was built to center Barks to highlight this new and exciting segment.

All in all, we are very proud of this new build!

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