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The Client & The Problem

This client reached out to us in the spring of 2020 because his existing website was out of date and thus wasn’t ranking on Google. Upon checking out his old website it was immediately clear to us that the site wasn’t mobile responsive and this is why it wasn’t ranking on Google.

Once upon a time, having a website that only worked on a computer was just fine in the eyes of Google. In 2020, this is no longer the case. So, knowing that he didn’t need anything too fancy, but rather just a slightly updated, mobile responsive version of his site, we got to work building him a new one.

The Solution & The Results

In just a couple of weeks, we completed the rebuild of his site, launched the fresh version, and told Google that it was ready to be indexed. After another week or two, the site was ranking! Albeit, not very high, but ranking on the 5th or 6th page of Google is better than not ranking at all. That said, Mr. Wells wanted to do even better with Google, so he signed up for an SEO package with us, and we boosted his ranking even further! Now, for relevant searches, he is showing up on page 1 or 2! With his improved ranking, he is naturally getting more clicks, calls, and inquiries via his contact form.

We love this site because it is a perfect example of incremental improvements to a businesses’ website making huge impacts over time. It didn’t take anything fancy to seriously leverage the power of the world wide web to generate a significant increase in interest in Wells Pump Service.

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