The Benefits of Personal over Generic Online Content

The Benefits of Personal over Generic Online Content

Did you know that the majority of web users prefer personal over generic online experiences? To us, it makes sense that site visitors prefer a personal experience. It’s hard to come by yet feels so good. In the digital world of the internet, interacting with businesses can feel so cold and impersonal. Because of this, a personalized website can feel like a breath of fresh air.

Knowing that your visitors prefer a personal experience, what can you do to create that for them? For starters, you need to know your audience. If you have no idea who your audience is, a good starting point is simply collecting demographic data on Google Analytics.

Once you figure out who your audience is, try to imagine what they are like. What do your customers do for work and fun? What other products/services do they consume? What motivates them? Where do they spend their time, both on and offline?

Empty seats, with the question, "Who is your audience?"
Identifying your audience is the key to good online content.

Once you can answer these questions about your customers, you can then start to tailor your website to meet their needs in a personal way. If you know what other products/services they consume, you can look at the websites and borrow elements from those sites. If you know what motivates them, you can gear your messaging towards those motivations. If you know where your customers spend their time, you can create a web presence that matches the feeling of those places.

All this is to say, creating a website that feels personal to your target audience is hard work, but it is both doable and worth it. By creating a site that feels personal to your visitors, they can trust that you understand their needs. Odds are, if you have taken the time to consider your customers enough to make your website personal, they will be able to trust that you can meet their needs.

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