The Importance of Color in Brand Recognition

The Importance of Color in Brand Recognition

Did you know that color alone can increase brand recognition by 80%!

To fully unpack this fact, it is first necessary to know what brand recognition is. According to Investopedia, “Brand recognition is a concept used in advertising and marketing. It is considered successful when people can recognize a brand through visual or auditory cues such as logos, slogans, packaging, colors, or jingles rather than being explicitly exposed to a company’s name.”

Brand recognition is desirable because it keeps your brand in people’s minds, giving you free advertising when people see certain colors or hear certain sounds. For example, sometimes Twitter might pop into your mind when you look at the sky because it is often Twitter blue! Twitter doesn’t have to pay nature for the ad space, they got free advertising by picking the right color.

With that example, you may be able to see how using the right colors could increase your brand recognition by 80%. Color is one of the most recognizable visual cues, so having unique and memorable colors leads to a memorable and recognizable brand!

Knowing how important colors are to brand recognition, what should you keep in mind when choosing colors for your brand? First and foremost, use color! Black and white is not a color palette, and black and white imagery holds visitor’s attention for ¼ of the time compared to imagery with color.

Another thing to consider is using a color that people like. Overwhelmingly, that color is blue. Blue is the most common favorite color of both women and men. That said, blue comes in a close second to green as the best primary color to increase site traffic, so don’t feel cornered to go with a blue-dominant color palette.

Regardless of which colors you land on, the important thing is to strongly consider the color psychology of the hues you would like to incorporate into your brand. Choosing a color that invokes emotions that you want your brand to invoke will undoubtedly help your brand be recognizable and successful!

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